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Use your own newsletter design - $350

Already have a newsletter design you'd like to use for your email template? No problem! We'll take your design and convert it into an email template and load it into Email Sauce for you to use.

All you have to do is provide your design. You can send us an HTML file, Photoshop layout, a layout in Word or even a hand-drawn sketch.

We will review it and make sure it is suitable for conversion into a template. From there we load it into Email Sauce and send it to you as an email so you can see it just like your subscriber would.

Once we have your approval we test your completed template in all the major email clients, so all you to do is add your own content.

Our email campaigns are tested in these major email programs:

Outlook (2007)
Outlook Express
Lotus Notes
Apple Mail
Yahoo! Mail
Windows Live Mail
Example of conversion from a document to email template
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